January 2021 Azure SQL News

Azure SQL Cloud

Here are some exciting announcements for Azure SQL fans.

Certification News: Microsoft is updating their Azure AI and Azure Data Engineer certifications. We’re taking Azure certifications for data and AI to the next level – Microsoft Tech Community

Azure allows you to reduce the cost of running SQL Server. Here are some steps for managing SQL Server licenses to optimize costs. Getting insights into the utilization of SQL Server licenses on Azure to optimize cost – Microsoft Tech Community

Simplify management and administration tasks on SQL Server Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) with SQL Server IaaS Agent extensions. What is the SQL Server IaaS Agent extension? – SQL Server on Azure VM | Microsoft Docs

Combined with a relational database, a cache can store the most common database queries and return these queries much faster. How to Improve Your Azure SQL Performance by up to 800% – Microsoft Tech Community

Kate Smith has a Six-part series on using Elastic Jobs in Azure SQL Database. This is definitely a helpful management tool. How to Troubleshoot Elastic Jobs in Azure SQL Database | Data Exposed – Microsoft Tech Community

Azure Data Share supports sharing of both tables and views from Azure SQL Database and Azure Synapse Analytics. Share and receive data from Azure SQL Database and Azure Synapse Analytics | Microsoft Docs

Learn the features and components that Azure Synapse Analytics provides to provide a one stop shop for all your analytical needs. Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics – Learn | Microsoft Docs

Every Wednesday at noon, Microsoft hosts Data Exposed Live with the most recent SQL News and updates. LAUNCH: Azure SQL News and Data Exposed Update: January 2021 | Data Exposed Live – Microsoft Tech Community

Check out upcoming Ask Microsoft Anything Events: 

Just Announced: the EightKB SQL Server Internals Conference on January 27th  with FIVE level 400 sessions. EIGHTKB – SQL Server Internals Conference

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    Great resources. Thank you!

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