T-SQL Data Manipulation

T-SQL Data ManipulationT-SQL Data Manipulation

This is the fourth video in the series for Apress and this one is on T-SQL Data Manipulation: Inserting, Updating, Deleting, and Merging in SQL Server. This video course teaches how to go beyond writing SELECT statements and to manipulate data within your database tables. You’ll begin with an introduction to Data to Data Manipulation Language (DML) that covers the INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. You’ll use these three statements most often, and they are the next most common three to use following the SELECT statement that has been covered earlier in this series. Watching the video, you’ll learn how to use these three statements to insert new data into your database to tables, and to update data in place without having to bring it down to the client and push it back and forth network. You’ll also learn to delete data when it’s no longer needed.

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