Writing SQL

The OUTPUT Clause

How to use the output clause with Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements like INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.


How to use IDENTITY columnsĀ in a table. An IDENTITY field is very similar to an auto-number field, where the number will automatically be added as each record is inserted.

SQL Four-Part Names

The four-part names of SQL Server objects. How to reference objects in SQL Server by their four-part name and how to use it in a T-SQL statement.

Working with Batches

Working with Batches in SQL Server, What are the differences between batches and transactions?

Working with Schemas

What is the schema object in SQL Server? How is the schema object used for organization, naming, and security?

Table Constraints

Restricting data by using Table Constraints in SQL Server. What are the different table constraints in SQL Server?

What is a Schema?

The term schema could mean several different things. What are the different meanings and how are schemas are used in SQL Server.

DML Triggers

Working with Triggers in SQL Server. How to use triggers for data manipulation statements (DML) like INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

Date and Time Data Types

Working with Date and Time Data Types. In this post, we discuss using both the Data and Time data types in SQL Server.